Tears Outcry

I looked at him, kneeling by the sea

From the reflections in water, he looked back at me

The sempiternal rumination yielded a drop of tear

It baptized me with the unvoiced fear

It lifted my head to an impassive sky

The gaudiest music ever, it did outcry


A drop alike was never shed before

On all the fake upsurges it did devour

Deeper than the deepest waters

Brutal like the savage slaughters

Yet loving like a devout friend

Embracing the heretic condescend


The gayest smile cried a tear,

When glad letters failed to share,

It tongued the love most sincere

Where the kisses couldn’t dare

It even talked of dooming despair

Which lead to the infernal stair


Tear was challenged by anger vivacious

But wrath proved to be too fugacious

Hope lingered with nil desperandum

But tears gifted the strength memorandum

Hate impulsed the deceitful scorn

But with tear even he did mourn


The shepherd, when the wolf from past haunts

The light, when the vexed tomorrow daunts

An ally, when the immediate moments arrive

The droplet addresses the unfeigned outcry


It streams down the flesh stoup

Typifying the privy psychic truth

Tears orate the heart’s enigma

And worries not of earthly stigma


Shedding like autumns, blooming like springs

Glad strains and mournful laments it sings

Cold like winter, warm like summer

Tears cry the innermost hummer


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